Feasting at the Orange County Night Market

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Most who know me know how much I love food. Being from the Bay Area, I have always heard of the 626 Night Market in SoCal and how it offers a large variety of delicious, unique, and Instagram-able foods; however, I have never had the chance to visit. So when I found out the OC Night Market was being held a couple weekends ago, I knew I had to go. Luckily, my boyfriend was visiting from the Bay Area for my fraternity’s formals, so I had someone who also enjoyed food, accompanying me on this adventure.

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5 Things I Learned My First Year in College


Finals season is approaching and students are getting ready for summer. After almost nine months of attending college and being away from home, I believe that I have grown tremendously as not only a student but also an individual. In this blog post, I would like to go over some of the many things that I have learned during my first year in college.  Continue reading

Pariya Goes to Southeast Asia

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For my first winter break in college, my mom surprised me with plane tickets to travel to Southeast Asia. I was thrilled and excited to explore parts of Vietnam that I hadn’t before and to, once again, visit my family and friends in Cambodia. Here’s a quick look into what I experienced during my brief three-week-long trip.

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